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Airports Authority Officers' Association (India) is a recognised Multi-Cadre Association in Airports Authority of India (AAI). The membership comprises of dedicated Executives in various wings of AAI engaged in providing Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Facilities; Security Equipments; Fire and Rescue as also the Engineering Services; all part of a continuous chain ensuring safe air travel to the travelling public...

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Sanctioned Strength As On 01-01-2015
Joint Letter to Management on pending issues
Promotion: Jt GM CNS
Promotion: MGR CNS & AM CNS
Promotion: JEE to AM  SM to AGM  AGM to DGMNew
Promotion: AM to M CNS
Transfer 2014:  JEE CNS    AM CNS
CNS Promotion 2014:  Sr Sup to AM   JEE to AM
Tenure Seniority List   DGM/JtGM   AGM/SM   Manager   AM/JEE
Regional Seniority:   CATC   NER    ER   WR
                    DISHA 2013
Fast Unto Death By GS Deferred.

DNA News Dt 1st OCTNew

Amendment List   SM/AGM      Manager
ED CNS Promotion & other latest developments uploaded in From the GS's Desk Page

Outcome of CEC meeting April 4th uploaded in "From the GS's Desk" page.

Letter to Hon'be MoCA Dt 15-03-13

AAOA( I ) Governing Body

DNA News 25/2/13

Letter to Hon'ble MOCA Dt 22-12-12

Letter to ED CNS
DNA Mumbai, News

Letter to Member ANS dt 29-1-13
Minutes of 6th DEC' 12 Meeting